Buying a COVID-19 PCR home testing kit is extremely straight forward. The process is highlighted point by point below;

  1. Click the Buy Now button for the ‘Home Testing Kit’.
  2. Select the number of tests that you require.
  3. Complete the names of the individuals for each test.
  4. Complete the remaining questions for the delivery of the COVID-19 PCR home test and pay for them on check out.
  5. The tests will be sent out via Royal Mail recorded delivery the same day.
  6. You will receive the COVID-19 PCR tests along with a pre-paid Royal Mail recorded delivery envelope.
  7. Follow the instructions for taking the swab sample and carefully place in the correct vial provided for each of the individuals. Seal the vial and place in the provided packaging and pre-paid envelope to return the samples to our laboratory.

We will then return the results in 24-72 hours from the time that the sample has been recorded as received.

In order to prepare for the COVID-19 PCR swab test, it is advisable that the following points are followed;

  1. Avoid nasal sprays for a 24 hour period if possible.
  2. Avoid any salty meals or drinking alcohol for 2 hours prior to the test.